Pastor Joel E. Gregory is the pastor for Linked Up Church. The Metro-Atlanta, GA church’s goal is to transform lives through God’s love, and enroot themselves into the community illustrating God’s love.

“The Word of God reinforces for me that as a pastor my first priority is to my home, and then to my church.”

Linked Up Church and Utopia Living linked up (pun intended) to present a First Annual Father's & MENtors' Fun Day in the Park at Piedmont Park this Saturday, June 14th. The event reinforces the importance fathers and mentors in black community, and celebrating the men that continuously exemplify role models for sons and daughters.

“If fathers were present you wouldn’t have the collapse of the family in the African American community. Also, if fathers were present the schools would spend less time disciplining kids, neighborhoods would be safer, and more kids would grow up to be positive contributors to society”, say Gregory.

Gregory is too a father. His daughter being born premature was one of the hardest moments. “It was very hard not being able to bring her home from the hospital for 8 weeks”, says Gregory.Today, his daughter starts her first job this year at the church.

Events such as Celebration of Fathers and Male Mentors allow people to reflect and celebrate that they were able to overcome those challenges as fathers.

“On Saturday, you will expect to see food, fun, fellowship, inspiration, positive environment, and reinforcement of our importance as father’s and men(tors)”, says Gregory.

Doors open at 8:30. There is a limited amount of free admission tickets available (food not included). General admission is $15.95 per family. 50% of all proceeds support sending underprivileged youth to "Relentless Youth Summer Camp".