Prentice Powell

It’s Prentice Powell’s third appearance on the Arsenio Hall show.  He stands in Jordan Vs with his hands in his pocket, and begins to spit an eloquent poem about the life as a father. 

"There’s nothing right with being absent from your child’s life."

Powell, a father of three keeps his head high and holds back tears, but releases a barrage of poignant verses of his personal fatherhood experiences regarding his oldest son. Powell’s emotional delivery and candor makes any man want to give Powell a bruh-hug through the screen.

“I never knew that this poem would have that large of an effect.” Powell continues, “I think people could see that I was hurting. I think any time – even if you can’t relate you recognize sincerity or pain. Even if it’s not your story, it touches you.”

With this being Powell’s third appearance, the Arsenio Hall show gave Powell the unusual green light to perform any selection from his repertoire. Leading to the show, he was in a hurtful space, and professing to crowds at performances to pray for him in fear that he may breakdown on television. 

Two days prior to performing on the show, Powell watched via Skype another man teach his son how to ride a bike. The thoughts begin. The hurt builds. What else will Powell miss? 

“Time was always my thing. I’m a very time oriented person. My main focus has always been time. I never thought that when he gets older, and he’s in Florida, I’m not going to be the one to teach him how to ride a bike. I haven’t even gotten to that point mentally until I see him doing it on Skype", says Powell.

At the time of this interview, Powell has all three children with him. He has two boys and a girl. The oldest boy is visiting from Florida. Powell is enjoying the time to mold his children. He enjoys watching them. Whether playing or sleeping, he enjoys seeing his creations develop their personalities.

He also enjoys the reciprocated unconditional love between him and his children. 

“I don’t understand how a man doesn’t want to raise a child. I do understand some men aren’t built a certain way and give up or they fallback, but nothing is worth it” Powell continues, “You may think you’re doing the right thing, but there’s nothing right with being absent from your child’s life.”