Phil Stevens Christ follower, happily married filmmaker, writer, producer

Phil Stevens is a happily married award winning filmmaker, producer, writer and actor whose love for God and church has inspired him to build a career. With the growing short films Pressure Points, Stevens uses his belief in God and knowledge in counseling to help struggling marriages.

“I collaborate on various levels with several creatives to advance God's kingdom on earth. With God's help, my heart is to protect and make every marriage I can healthy", says Stevens.

"I like to pay it forward. I like to pay back. I like to help others.

Stevens was a children's choir director in a mega church. He created a web series for the elementary ministry about a little boy going through day to day problems that children face and using God’s message to make the right choices. The entire series was shot using one camera with bad angles and very little experience, but it was something about the crowds reaction that made him want to learn more.

“What really fueled me was listening to the kids laugh, and then watching their faces when the moment happened when they understood what the moral was. It was then that I got a bug for storytelling", says Stevens.

With a 20 year career already established as a process engineer making six figures, Stevens left that job to follow his new found passion for storytelling. Stevens was impressed by being able to manipulate the audience's feelings. Hearing the reactions of people after they watch one of his films makes everything worthwhile to him.

“When I started to do this thing in my church, it started to stir in my spirit that I wasn’t doing anything for the kingdom and I wasn’t doing what I loved", says Stevens.

Currently, Stevens works on short films called Pressure Points that helps married couples manage common issues. Pressure Points started as a web series that gained popularity in Atlanta and eventually evolved into a full blown ministry. Each film comes with a curriculum of a few lessons. 

Although Pressure Points is growing and starting to become more popular, Stevens is not interested in making it a full length film. He wants to continue with short films, because he thinks that’s the best way to continue to use them as a teaching method. “I just wanted these to be quick scenes of heavy conflict and then not quite resolve it but end it on a note of grace and hope, but I didn’t want to get too religious because that doesn’t always win people over. I wanted all people to relate to it", says Stevens.

Stevens believes that his strong commitment, integrity, and joy in refreshing others will keep him reaching new heights in his career. “I like to pay it forward. I like to pay back. I like to help others. What I’ve seen is that when I continue to do that it is paid back tenfold", says Stevens.