2015 Kia K900 Luxury Sedan

You saw the commercial with Furious Styles pretending to Morpheus in the backseat of the executive sedan that closely resembles 7 series BMW. However, the luxury vehicle is a Kia. Yep, it’s a Kia.

The Kia K900 by far is the most luxurious and expensive sedan in America from Korea. A different look from what most people tend to think -- small, cheap economy cars.  Kia is redefining luxury. At the price point $65,500, you can sport a luxury sedan that is less expensive than your standard prestigious brands – Mercedes, Lexus, Jaguar and Audi.

The Performance Under the Hood

The recently released 2015 model takes a larger chunk of its shape from the Hyundai Equus, though there are notable differences between the two. One major difference is the V-8 engine that the Kia K900 comes with which currently has no Hyundai Equivalent. This beast of a machine’s power is rated at 420 horsepower and comes with an 8-speed automatic gear set up. It boasts of a 5.0l engine and with its power, it has a pick speed from 0-60 at 6 seconds; simply unbelievable for an executive class sedan!

Entertainment Features

As expected, the Kia K900 comes with dazzling luxurious features to accentuate its engine features. First, the interiors boast of leather seats with rear seats climate control. There is real wood trim and gloss black accents as oppose to the pseudo-wood grain you've seen in the typical KIA sedans.

When it comes to entertainment, the new Kia K900 is simply outstanding. it has a 900watts 117-speakers lexicon audio system. Rolls-Royce uses the same brand of audio system used in their rides.

The ride also offers Bluetooth audio streaming, with option for USB or auxiliary via the ports.  The car also has a 9.2” UVO display system thats useable for both information and entertainment. The display system has a knob to control as its interface control.

Safety Features

The Kia K900 also highly regards safety as it does comfort. The car is the first in history to integrate Kia’s rear cross-traffic alert system. This puts the driver in total control of the car as they are able to effectively monitor the happenings from the rear without losing focus on what is in the front. The car also comes with LED lights on both the front and rear fascia, guaranteeing a smooth night-driving experience to the driver. The steering wheel has controls for both audio system and phones and this ensures for a safe drive. The Kia K900 also comes with tested and approved automatic braking system; making it just an unbeatable model in the sedan market.

Cop or Not?

If you’re in the market for a large size luxury vehicle, you might want to cop the Kia K900.

The Kia K900 guarantees value for the money spent with it. First, this is a luxury sedan but it just does not stop there, numerous features have been added to ensure that it has an edge over its competitor models. Its safety features sound impressive not to mention its engine performance.

The Kia K900 is considered a near equivalent of the Equus and since much of its test-features have not been documented, it would be right to assume those of the Equus. Going by that, the K900 should be a stable sedan with the 119.9” wheelbase, which makes it quite an enormous car. With its size engine and performance guaranteed, the Kia K900 is definitely worth a road test at any market value that it will be offered at so be sure to stay alert.