Samsung S5 vs iPhone 6

Apple and Samsung are continuing to shake the mobile phone industry with new models and exceptional features. The latest releases are the iPhone 6s and Samsung Galaxy S5, which have both been received well in the market. Here are some of their exemplary features. 

Design and Size

These two phone models are quite contrasting when it comes to their designs. The iPhone 6 comes with a seamless metal-glass combination and Samsung Galaxy has a modest painted plastic. The iPhone 6 in terms of ergonomics overpowers the Galaxy S5 as it is 2mm and 5mm thinner and narrower respectively when compared to Samsung Galaxy S5.

Screen and Display

Samsung Galaxy S5’s 1920x 1080 screen outdoes iPhone 6’s 1334x 750 screen. The difference in terms of screen size however, when compared to contrasting the screen technologies are with the Samsung Galaxy using Amoled screens and the iPhone using the IPS LCD screen. Both technologies are dope in terms of color accuracy and display sharpness. The IPS LCD technology however is better in terms of color accuracy and contrast rations, but when it comes to dark places and views, the Samsung Galaxy S5 wins on any day.

Storage and performance

For most people, performance is what counts most and opinions would be split here although Samsung Galaxy S5 which comes with a 32bit QUALCOMM snapdragon 801 quad-core 2.5ghz, GPU Adreno 330, 2gb ram (say that five times in a row) outguns the iPhone 6. The iPhone i6 during tests however impresses in terms of response speed as it is powered by a 64-bit Apple A8 dual-core 1.4 GHz, GPU PowerVR GX6450, 1GB ram.

iPhone 6 operates on iOS 8 and Samsung Galaxy on android 4.4 but it is its modified feature referred to as TouchWiz that slows its speed in a noticeable way. TouchWiz on the other hand improves the phone’s interface and enhances multitasking.

Camera and Other Features

Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with a by far superior camera when compared to the iPhone 6. 16megapixels with a ½ 6-inch sensor that captures with details images as compared to the 8-mega pixel and 1/3-inch sensor on the iPhone 6.  Both phones come with a HDR mode that allows for capturing of multiple pictures though iPhone’s HDR mode which works better than Samsung’s.

Battery Life and Price

Samsung Galaxy S5 is bigger and so is its battery when compared to the iPhone6. Starting with battery charging, both phones take approximately two hours to charge form 0% - 100%. Samsung Galaxy S5 has however showed longer battery life than iPhone 6; a video test to compare the two ended up with the iPhone 6 playing around ten hours and Samsung Galaxy S5 bettering that by a full hour. Samsung Galaxy S5 also comes with numerous features that help in saving power and increasing battery life.

The difference in price between the two leading cell phone models will also be a good talking point. There are two types of the iPhone 6. One is the 16GB and goes for roughly $600 with the 64GB iPhone 6 retailing at $750. Take the Samsung Galaxy that comes at $570 you can buy a microSD card with 128GB of memory and you will have your full package for only $650. Now that is quite a contrasting price tag for two competing cell phone models when considering storage and price ratio.