Surface Pro 3

We've seen the comercials. The Surface Pro 3 attempting to dwarf the MacBook Air and iPad. Microsoft touting its prowess, and puffing its chest to make a claim that they're the best tablet-laptop combo in town.

The coming era of Surface Pro 3 tablet, which is operating the windows 8.1 is emphasized on a bigger 12-inch screen, and is additionally 10 percent faster than the Surface Pro 2, in addition to being more slender at 9.1mm.

The Surface is a critical part to CEO Satya Nadella's portable centered methodology. Microsoft is attempting to help offers of Windows tablets and telephones to stay significant with buyers as registering propensities change. The Redmond titan said its primary inspiration driving the Surface pro3 was to evacuate the cutting edge clash of needing two gadgets - a smart phone and tablet, and put everything in one bundle. It is offering no trade off on execution, yet staying thin and light.

The organization's Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Surface, Panos Panay presented the tablet, and said Microsoft worked with Intel to make it the 'most slender core item that is ever been made'.


  • The i3 starts at $799.
  • The i5 starts at $999.
  • The i7 starts at $1549.

So, a i5 Surface Pro 3 with 4GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage will start at $999. Compared to a similar MacBook Air that will cost you slightly more at $1049.

Processor, Speed and Storage

The Surface pro 3 arrives in a decision of Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7 processors. i3 is good for web browsing typical tablet functionality. i5 is solid to user for your standard desktop applications with ease. The i7 processor get you into the beastmode territory.

In terms of RAM, you get up to 8GB, which is fairly standard these days with laptops.

Storage capabalities widely range from 64GB to 512GB. Keep in mind, the operating system takes up some of the space on your hard drive. For example, if you purchase the 64GB option, you'll only have 37 GB of available space for your applications and files, which is not enough. You'll need to get 128GB option, and that will drive that $799 price point up slightly.

The Body

Separated from an 800 gram weight, Microsoft is additionally touting for all the intents and purpose silent fan that is 30 percent more proficient, alongside an overhauled vent. Another 'rubbing pivot' and kickstand with a 22 to 150 degree edge compass were flaunted, while new touch and type covers with bigger track pads were additionally divulged.

The Tourch Screen and Pen

The key component that seperates the Surface Pro from the MacBook Air is the screen. You can touch. The 12-creep 2160x1440 pixel showcase offers a 3:2 viewpoint that as far as anyone knows conveys more surface territory or visual land to work with.

Another pen was likewise showcased, alongside OneNote reconciliation that can quickly send handwritten notes to the cloud. The pen can likewise turn the tables on with an incorporated catch for speedy note-taking.

The Sounds

Microsoft says the Surface pro 3 is 45% louder than the Surface Pro 2, with the tablet now bearing front-confronting stereo speakers and Dolby sound. The organization did not detail the cam particulars.

The Surface is an imperative piece of Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella's versatile centered methodology. The organization is attempting to help offers of Windows tablets and telephones to stay significant with buyers as registering propensities change. Microsoft administrators used much of an hour-long presentation in New York contrasting the Surface and Apple's iPad and Mac Book Air portable computer and attempted to put forth the defense for the Pro 3 to supplant both.