The versatile, DJ Fadelf

The job of a DJ is to control the crowd. With music, DJs help everyone in the room forget about their troubles and inhibitions. The versatile, DJ Fadelf does this, and he does this well. Racking fly miles around the globe from Kuwait to Spain, he has blessed partygoers with his hype juice as he spins on the decks.

Today, we talk about blessings in a different context. We talk about blessing in its traditional definition. DJ Fadelf over years has blessed people with his philanthropy.

"A dollar given in belief goes further than a dollar of disdain. When you give in belief, it goes further."

He's modest about his benevolence, and believes the idea of giving is not something to brag and boast. His innate attribute has him feeding the homeless, speaking and mentoring young men, and supporting numerous charities and non profits.

On Sunday November 16th, the 2nd Annual Men In Black ™ charity awards honors DJ Fadelf along with Big Tigger, Carl Anthony Payne, Kwanza Hall, Memphitz Wright, Daniel Dickey, Mike Smoak, and Earl Little.

Black Men's Dossier raps with Fadelf about his charitable heart, fatherhood and community activism.

Have you always been active in community?

My philanthropic activities become stronger year by year. I’ve always given back and I surround myself with the same type of people. My wife for example is one of those people. So, it’s hard to get away from that when it’s all that you’re around.

It just comes naturally. That to me is like one of the best gifts. When I was in New York, I would always find myself buying a homeless guy a meal, or he would come and sit down with me and we would chat. The gratitude from that is so amazing. It’s what we are supposed to do. If you’re a God fearing person and believe in the word, it’s what you’re supposed to do.

What type of activities are you doing to help within the community?

There's an organization that my brother has it's called C2BS -- Cool 2b Saved. It's a mission and organization that's saying, “Just because I believe in The Lord or I'm God fearing doesn't mean I have to stop being cool.” It's basically saying, “Look at me in my Timbs, I'm cool right, but at the same time I respect a higher power.”

I’m proud that I’m being a stand up gentlemen. Having held together a great family raising two beautiful daughters

Cool 2b Saved is not just about church. It's basically saying let's go clean up these streets. Let's save the streets, because it's cool to be saved. Let's team up with GE and save the planet, and go green.

It's cool to be saved.

Outside of all that, I get called to speak at schools, and help out at fundraiser. They just want me to come serve the food, speak to kids or speak to battered women. I don't have anything specific that I've honed in on other than my wife's foundation Egypt Cares Family Foundation.

The thing is you have a lot a people who come and show up to the food drives, because of the accolades, tweets, likes and so on. The problem with that is you’re not living it. You’re portraying it for the cameras. The character is what makes a real person worthy of being awarded, because once the cameras turn off and I see you somewhere will you be the same person?

What can we do for change in our community?

I know the simple answers are so cliche, but its the truth. When we know right, we do right. We build each other up to tear us down. We need to unite. We have power in our numbers and we don't use it. It goes back to your character. We have to continue to teach and be examples.

When you give, give with a giving heart and without expectation and ungrudgingly.

A dollar given in belief goes further than a dollar of disdain. When you give in belief, it goes further. Anyone can throw money at a situation. When you believe it, what you're doing has staying and growing power.

When you just put up money to put up money and the money runs out, you run out. Meaning, they run out. When you give, do it without a need of reciprocation or notoriety.

How do you encourage other to get involved?

You don't have to be a part of a movement to help someone, and you don't have to let it be known.

The bible tells us when we do good deeds, we don't need to broadcast it. It’s not to be filmed. It's just to be done. I would just say lead by example. If you say you’re going to do it, do it. You have to have that character about you.

What are you most proud of that you were able to accomplish personally or in business?

I’m proud that I’m being a stand up gentlemen. Having held together a great family raising two beautiful daughters, and being an example for them.

I'm proud that I actually stand by my words as a man. I don't just say things. I'm actually someone they can look up to, because I practice what I preach. All the other stuff I've done right now don't even mean too much to me, because I look back on it and feel like I have so much further to go. It's so many other things I want to accomplish. The things I've done are stepping stones to lead me to where I'm trying to get.

The saying that “People who say they’re going to change the world do change the world.” It’s because they are crazy enough to do it.

Well, that's how I feel. I don't know how, when, where, but someone is going to say “I'm this way because of this dude named Fadelf.”