Tesla Model S

The first few electric and hybrid cars had to aesthetically grow on you. The design was engineered on physics and gas efficiency and not for looks. You never hear a guy saying "Yo that Prius is sick". Nope not gonna happen.

However, The Tesla Model S breaks that mode. The Tesla Model S is a sexy car and conserves energy all at the same damn time.

Tesla Model S ranks second among the super luxury category of cars. You are bound to love every single detail about this classy ride. To top it all, it recently ranked the best out of the numerous hybrid rides available.

Photo Credit: Steve Jurvetson via Flickr

Car Specs

Basically everything about this car is dope and you are bound to fall for it right from the word go. Starting with the outer look, this electric vehicle features a unique sedan shape that is amazingly awesome. It also comes fully fitted with awesome high end aluminium wheels that are second to none.

Moreover, the vehicle also has a trendy dual moon roof and power tilt sunroof feature. You wouldn’t fail to notice the rear defrost power window that comes along with this ride.

The interior is coupled with a 17inch screen and reliable audio streaming. The car features a seven speaker audio system and Wi-Fi capability. The general leather upholstery found within the vehicle is also strikingly awesome. This makes the interior worth a second look. It’s more spacious with comfortable seats that can accommodate up to seven adults; thanks to the two rear facing jump seats which immensely increase the seating capacity of the car.

Engine Options

The ride comes in a powerful wheel with a single system transmission. The high end engine it features makes it exceptionally quiet at high speeds. At such, it tends to be quicker than many luxury cars. The engine has a capability of 94/97 mpg equivalent on the highway with an added 208 mile range. With the adjustable air suspension that the ride comes with, you are bound to have a smooth ride and nimble handling when it comes to this car. The highly responsive and powerful electric motor makes this ride even greater compared to other rides of equal mantle.

Battery Life

The mileage range for the Model S model with an 85 kWh battery pack is 265 miles. Let say you average 40 miles a day. That's 280 miles a week. So, on one charge, the Model S will carry you throughout the work week, and a re-charge on the weekends.

Photo Credit: Joseph Thornton via Flicker


The price of this vehicle depends on the trim you opt for and the outlet you prefer to source your car from. On average, the ride is worth $71,000. This however is subjected to changes depending on your location.