The man cave is the safe haven to let all the ish from the work week go out the window. They say men never grow up. Hmm… Possibly true. We always have a kid inside of us. The man cave is not only a place of serenity, but a grown man’s playground.

As you progress through your career, and you add a couple of zeros to your paycheck, your man cave has to grow as well to incorporate some key elements that have the right balance between sophistication and playful childish sensibilities.

The term man cave became popular in the American lexicon from a television show on the D.I.Y networks – Man Caves. Former NFL lineman, Tony Siragusa and contractor, Jason Cameron team up to surprise men with a kick ass room.

The great aspect of the show is giving men a room that fit their personality. Black Men’s Dossier has a few key elements that you need in your man cave. However, we suggest you take these elements and add your own style to reflect your personality.

Analog Gaming

Yeah we all have a PlayStation or Xbox One, but us 80’s babies know how to have fun without video games. Pool table, carrom board, foosball, air hockey, and ping pong were all apart of that recreation center life. Bring that nostalgic quality into your cave. Pool table is the safe bet. Playing pool allows conversation and shit-talk while you play.

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Big Boy Television

Get a big flat screen television. No brainer. The televisions are the flagship electronic device for the room, and make it count. Size matters and make sure the television does not overwhelm the space. Too big can be a problem in smaller rooms. You are safe around 50 inches, which is solid in any room. 50 inches is also fairly inexpensive. Once you go above 55 inches the price point significantly increases.  

Lounge Chair

Cop you a lounge chair. In French, they call them chaise. Be bold. Find a modern leather lounge chair that curves and has character. Mid-century is all the rave these days. Not sure how long that fad will last. Regardless, get something distinct, fits your overall theme, and is comfortable. Let me say that again – comfortable. Lounge equates to comfort. You want to use the chair for multiple purposes – gaming, naps, or reading.

Sound Bar

The unassuming rectangular speaker can produce quite the power. When you want to turn up, the sound bar can beat. Get a Bluetooth version. With Bluetooth, you can connect multiple devices other than the television – laptops, tablets, or cellphones.

Photo Credit: Philips Communications Via Flickr

Whisky Decanter Set

No more red cups. Get grown man glasses – crystal specifically. Crystal tends to be clearer than glass, which allows your guest to see the whiskey or scotch’s tone and color. Aesthetically, a crystal decanter and glasses with distinct patterns, cuts and monograms exudes sophistication. Look for a set with a good stopper with a rubber gasket to keep oxygen from spoiling your good stuff.

Photo Credit: Sebastian Fransson via Flickr

Sports Memorabilia

Remember 10 years ago, those throwback jersey you rocked everywhere until Jay Z told you on the Black album to wear button ups. Well, we can put these jersey’s to use rather that becoming dust collectors. Take a few of the jerseys to the frame store. Get the jersey professionally framed, and officially memorialize your favorite players.

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