Media has one goal -- to communicate effectively to the mass public. Dear White People, a fun, inspiring yet in your face film brings to light the issues in our society that people brush under the rug due to America’s racially tolerant progressions.
Black Man Lifting Weights
Exercising can often leave one’s body feeling extremely tensed or comfortably relaxed, especially when it comes to your muscles. Some people experience a lot of weakness in their muscles after a good workout.
Samsung S5 vs iPhone 6
Apple and Samsung are continuing to shake the mobile phone industry with new models and exceptional features. The latest releases are the iPhone 6s and Samsung Galaxy S5, which have both been received well in the market. Here are some of their exemplary features. 
Corporate Dress Attire Black Men in Suits
When you buy a suit you are making an investment. Most men who wear suits do so, because it is necessary for his career.  If you want to further your career based on your wardrobe, don’t go cheap.
Well here you are, back on the dating scene. You may be a mixture of excited or nervous. You may have gotten out of a previous relationship, and finally got back to mingling. You may have never been in a commitment, but you now believe it is time to put yourself out there finally.
Black Couple Watching Television
Gone are the days where there were video rental shops and one would have to walk across the block in order to rent a movie. Together with these gladly; gone are the late fees that would come with these services.
Diet Soda Photo credit Mr. Tin DC via Flickr
Many people are fond of grabbing a soda in a supermarket or at the nearest shop and empty the entire bottle without considering what effects this could have on their bodies. Diet soda has a quenching and brings satisfaction to your urge for something that is sweet.
If you've ever heard the soulful voice of Noel Gourdin, it's a distinctive sound that will not let go. His rhythm and blues sound is reminiscent of the days with the greats like Marvin Gaye and Sam Cooke.
One word comes to mind upon the mention of the Chevrolet Corvette is style. Before the European rides permeated the rhymes of our hyper ostentatious hip hop culture, the corvette was the quintessential sports car.
African American Graduates College
It is the dream of any dad for their child to attend college, pursue their favorite course and get their dream job afterwards. Most dads want this. In fact, almost all dads live wishing the best for their kids.
Alex Abboud via Flickr Nike Ad Huron Rd and Ontario St in Downtown Cleveland.
That message read on an enormous banner in downtown Cleveland until about 4 years ago when LeBron James decided to “take his talents” from Cleveland to South Beach. Upon his decision, many fans in Cleveland were heartbroken.