2014 is in the books. Companies on a calendar fiscal year have their new budgets for 2015, and department heads can start proactively searching for new employees. So, an interview opportunity may be calling soon.
As you move up the ranks, at some point you will have to deliver a presentation. The scale of the presentation can range. Possibly, delivering a pitch to your colleagues and executives, or speaking as a keynote to a large crowd at a conference.
African American Meeting Business Elevator Pitch
You meet a potential investor. They ask, “Tell me about your company?” You’re put on the spot. What do you say? You have to prepare for this situation, and have that elevator pitch in your pocket.
Jason and Joshua Gbor, Fashion Models and Boutique Owners
From humble beginnings in Florida, the Gbor twins, Jason and Joshua make strides in their career with opening an European-urban boutique in Atlanta -- The House of Peter Maxfield.