2015 has arrived, and with a new year comes a new line of car models. These are some of the more interesting models with features that improve upon last year’s iterations, as well as bringing something new to the road.
Tesla Model S
The first few electric and hybrid cars had to aesthetically grow on you. The design was engineered on physics and gas efficiency and not for looks. You never hear a guy saying "Yo that Prius is sick". Nope not gonna happen.
One word comes to mind upon the mention of the Chevrolet Corvette is style. Before the European rides permeated the rhymes of our hyper ostentatious hip hop culture, the corvette was the quintessential sports car.
2015 Kia K900 Luxury Sedan
You saw the commercial with Furious Styles pretending to Morpheus in the backseat of the executive sedan that closely resembles 7 series BMW. However, the luxury vehicle is a Kia. Yep, it’s a Kia.