REACH: 40 Black Men Speak on Living, Leading, and Succeeding, is a collection of personal and in-depth essays from 40 notable African American men who share their knowledge and accounts of success. The book provides encouraging stories of each of their paths to provide a course for each of their readers. Some of the men in the book include John Legend, Louis Gossett,Jr, Rev. Al Sharpton, Talib Kweli as well as businessmen, educators and activist.  
The versatile, DJ Fadelf
The job of a DJ is to control the crowd. With music, DJs help everyone in the room forget about their troubles and inhibitions. The versatile, DJ Fadelf does this, and he does this well. Racking fly miles around the globe from Kuwait to Spain, he has blessed partygoers with his hype juice as he spins on the decks.
Today a gentleman is an endangered species. And we men know that too. There are lots of distractions in this world that blocks our way to inherit a character of a gentleman.
Overpass Light Brigade
The death of Michael Brown is a tragedy. Numerous high-charged and debatable topics now re-surface – racism, gun rights, police profiling and brutality. The death sparks emotion with everyone. In midst of the emotion, Black Men’s Dossier presents the latest facts.
Pastor Joel E. Gregory is the pastor for Linked Up Church. The Metro-Atlanta, GA church’s goal is to transform lives through God’s love, and enroot themselves into the community illustrating God’s love.