Newly released studies by the U.S. Education Department indicate that state and federal administrators recent efforts to improve the performance of public schools nationwide appear to be a step in the right direction, but they still have a long way to go.
As I settle down in bed every night, I gather my thoughts around what has happened during the day and begin to mentally prepare for the next. During this process I begin to silently pray. Recently, I’ve added a couple of items to the already lengthy prayer list. In addition to just
With news of yet another star pro athlete being arrested on gun-related charges stemming from a domestic dispute, it’s hard not to wonder why anyone with so much money would want or need to own a firearm.
Can we really blame the NFL for wanting to protect itself? Historically, the use of the infamous “n-word” in sports, as in the rest of America, has been largely a black and white issue, but when it comes to pro football in 2014, the issue is all about green.
Dr Carl Hart, Author of "High Price"
Dr. Carl Hart is Columbia University's first tenured African-American science professor. He recently releases his book, “High Price”. The memoir and part research book demystify the anecdotal facts most perceive about drugs.
Chey B. Life and Relationship Coach and author of Food Sex and Peace of Mind
A tribe needs two things – a shared interest and a way to communicate. Chey B. leads a tribe of over 50,000 men and women searching for a better them. He tweets, posts, and blogs advice via the social media gamete. Yet, this wasn’t always his plan.
Brenda Got A Baby Video
Prophecy conveys warning to the hearers of it. It is usually used as a wake-up call on what a future event can be based on choices.
In D.L. Hughley's mockumentary, he fights to save the black man. Ne-Yo releases his first album as an Motown executive. HBO premiers a documentary following combat photojournalist.