We’re a month into T.J. Holmes’ late night talk show Don’t Sleep, and it’s a dope show. RZA directed the Wu behind the boards for years. Now, RZA directs his first theatrical release. Are you getting bad ear infections from the so-called hip-hop that permeates the airwaves?
Black Men’s Dossier talks with “Lenox Avenue’s” creator Al Thompson and writer Chuck Burks about the emerging new era of scripted black web content. NBA season tips off this week. Ryan Leslie drops "Les is More".
Will Romney continue to suffer from Romnesia in this week's final presidential debate? A new 30 for 30 doc focusing on the senseless murder of 1984s top high school basketball player, Benji Wilson. Kendrick Lamar, the newly appointed prince of the West Coast releases his major label debut.
The indie black film Middle of Nowhere gets Oprah’s blessing. The skillful hodgepodge sounds of The Heavy make every man feel like a superhero. The curator of cool, Pharrell releases a new coffee table book.
New documentary The Waiting Room focusing on uninsured patients at public hospitals. On Tuesday catch a few dope cyphers on the 2012 BET Hip Hop Awards. Add Miguel’s Kaleidoscope Dream to your play list now. Are we witnessing the third industrial revolution?
Here’s a grandiose cornucopia of politics, music, books and movies to keep your culture intact. The quintessential political main event, Presidential debates starts this Wednesday. A must see documentary about the drug war releases this week in select theaters. Flylo releases his album.
8 Core Principles You OWE Your Children
Some parents might have a hard time with the concept of owe. They feel that by using the word “owe,” it has the potential to bring with it expectations and obligations.
Having the ability to enlighten others is a skill many people want to acquire in their lifetime. Dr. Dennis Kimbro, dedicated educator, best-selling author and Business school professor possess these qualities while making it look easy. 
A disciple is a follower of a leader that preaches and spreads the gospel to create more leaders. Now add the modifier – street. Think of street in the contextual since of the urban environments that are plagued with crime and poverty.
The Reverend Matthew Lawrence Watley serves as the Executive Minister of Reid Temple AME Church. In 2006 Rev. Watley took on the additional responsibility of becoming the Managing Minister of Reid Temple’s North Campus, which he founded in a high school in Silver Spring, MD.
L-Mani S. Viney is responsible for educating over 1600 students throughout his 17 year career as a teacher of Social Studies at Piscataway High School in Piscataway, NJ.
Jamil is an accomplished leader, a visionary, entrepreneur and an advocate for change who looks to leave a legacy of his own in Western New York.