We’re a month into T.J. Holmes’ late night talk show Don’t Sleep, and it’s a dope show. RZA directed the Wu behind the boards for years. Now, RZA directs his first theatrical release. Are you getting bad ear infections from the so-called hip-hop that permeates the airwaves? Lecrae may be the antidote.

T.J. Holmes Don't Sleep

Don't Sleep

Countless times I hear friends lament about their discontent with BET’s programming. Frankly, outside of the award shows, none of my friends watch BET. If they’re not watching BET, obviously they’re sleeping on “Don’t Sleep”, and probably you are too.

On October 1, 2012 BET premiered an original series Don’t Sleep, hosted by Award-winning journalist T. J. Holmes. The show addresses daily issues that are important to the African American community, but typically not addressed in an everyday format. When African Americans come together to speak about social issues that affect our community, it’s usually for some annual town hall meeting after a tragic incident.

T. J. Holmes gives you quality journalism with a twist of humor. Holmes provides erudite commentary with a charismatic swag. He gracefully acknowledges someone’s ignorance without much hassle and interrupting the continuity of the show. Last week, Holmes told political commentator Angela McGlowan that she was disrespectful after giving him the proverbial head turn and hand. He also has no problem respectfully agreeing to disagree with his guest. Holmes goes toe to toe with Media Takeout’s Founder and CEO Fred Mwangaguhunga, about Fred’s website debauchery. As Fred justifies Media Takeout’s moral compass, Holmes disagrees with a smile and says “Fred you had an exclusive of Kanye West’s private parts. You all highly publicize that we have an exclusive. How are you going to sit here and tell me that some stuff goes too far? But hey, a grown man’s penis that’s all - right up our alley.”

With a discussion panel format similar to the HBO: Real Time with Bill Maher, Holmes has three panel guests or sleeptalkers ranging from the likes of Reverend Jesse Jackson to the rapper 2chaniz. In a recent show, Rosie Perez had a contentious debate aboout undocumented workers with conservative political commentator Armstrong Williams. He also has a segment with the adorable Issa Rae (The awkward Black Girl), who sarcastically yet poignantly mocks situations addressed in current media. Holmes starts each show with a number of the day, and gives you three humorous answers, but at the end of the show he reveals the true profound meaning of the number.

The show was a great add to BET’s fall season. Unfortunately BET's president, Debra Lee, has been quoted in The Root.com saying "To be honest, the ratings haven't been great in the past two weeks." Looks like that mystical rating algorithm may bring death to Don’t Sleep, and it’s not because it’s a bad show. It’s a good show. It’s a really good show. It’s a show for those who fallen out of love (hate is too strong of a word) for BET. If you have it in your heart for forgiveness, BET may gain your trust with “Don’t Sleep” Monday through Thursday at 10:00 P.M PST/11:00.PM Central.
Update: Dont Sleep Airs Wednesdays at 11P/10C