In D.L. Hughley's mockumentary, he fights to save the black man. Ne-Yo releases his first album as an Motown executive. HBO premiers a documentary following combat photojournalist.

D.L. Hughley Endangered List

D.L. Hughley Fights the Black Man’s Extinction

Are you Bro Life? Bro Life is the movement D.L. lobbies in his new mockumentary, "The Endangered List". The alarming incarceration and murder rates jeopardize the posterity of the black male. One in three black men will go to prison in their lifetime. Young black men are murdered at 46 times the rate of whites.

After D.L. was cautioned from entering a golf pond containing the endangered California Salamander, he had an aha moment to save the black man. The hilarious documentary follows D.L. on his quest to collect evidence to present his case to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (E.P.A.).

There are thousands of species listed as endangered, yet the black man is not one of them. The endangered species list prohibits any person from harassing a protected species. If D.L. is successful in his quest to place the black man on the endangered species list, any person wanting to harass a black man would need to obtain a permit. In a dapper suit and bow tie D.L. tells a stoic E.P.A environmental justice association advisory, “We have saved the African Rhino, but what about the African-American Deandre”, and “won’t you be Bro Life too.”

Although comedic in its delivery, there’s validity in the mockumentary’s premise. As D.L. tells the crowd to imagine life without the black man, “Now basketball is boring as F**k”.

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