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Cofounder, Sew

I'm most proud of the creative agency I co-founded, Sew and what we'eve accomplished.  We started Sew because we believed business could as much an engine for change as it is for wealth creation; we simply needed to be more creative. I'm proud and thankful that over the last five years our work has validated that belief through our work with iconic brands like Gap, Ford, Verizon and others. 

James Toney is the Chief Strategist and Co-Founder of the Los Angeles creative agency, Sew. Sew develops digital and social marketing strategies for brands that includes OWN, Ford, Verizon, AAA, and Gap.

Toney was recently recognized as Forbes 30 under 30. It is Sews unique approach to campaigns that garners recognition. Sew unites brands and community to create meaningful campaigns.

"The principle I live by is humility. No matter how hard you work or talented you are other people have to take a chance on you for you to succeed. Our success exemplifies the grace of others as much as it does our talents and work ethic."

The Gentlemen

History Makers Now

Roger M. Bobb

President and CEO of Bobbcat Films

Hajj Flemings

CEO and Founder of Brand Camp

Kwanza Hall, Atlanta City Councilman

Kwanza Hall

Atlanta City Councilman

D'Wayne Edwards, Founder, PENSOLE Footwear Design Academy

D'Wayne Edwards

Founder, PENSOLE Footwear Design Academy

Shawn Dove

CEO, Campaign for Black Male Achievement

Jamil Crews

Entrepreneur and Coordinator for Office of the Mayor, City of Buffalo

Dedrick Asante - Muhammad

Sr. Director of the Economic Department, NAACP

Gene Waddy


Detavio Samuels, President of One Solution, Founder of The Bare Group

Detavio Samuels

President of One Solution and Founder of The Bare Group

Ryan Cameron

Radio Host, V-103 and Co-Founder of the Ryan Cameron Foundation

L-Mani S. Viney

National Guide Right Director of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc and Educator

Christopher Jordan Tyson Associate Professor

Christopher Jordan Tyson

Professor of Law and candidate for Louisiana Secretary of State

Tyrone Johnson

V.P and General Manger at Euramax International

David Mann

Actor, Gospel singer, Comedian

Kehinde Wiley


Keith Marcel Radford

General Manager at Uber Atlanta

Rev. Matthew Lawrence Watley

Minister and Author

Clyde E. Mize, Jr.

Esquire Partner

Tony Rock

Comedian and Founder of MyRock Foundation


Software Development Agency

Justin Dawkins

Inflex Digital, CEO, Principal

Warrick Dunn

Founder at Warrick Dunn Charities

Street Disciples

Youth Motivational Speakers

Dr. Dennis Kimbro

Clark Professor and Author