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Entrepreneur and Coordinator for Office of the Mayor, City of Buffalo

I live by a set of core values that have allowed me to reach a level of success I otherwise would not have attained had I not practiced these values: Keeping God first with everything that I do. Operating with integrity in every aspect of my life. Being allergic to mediocrity and avoiding it like the plague. Understanding that life is about sacrifice, doing the things now that most people won't so I can spend my life doing things that most people aspire to do.

Jamil is an accomplished leader, a visionary, entrepreneur and an advocate for change who looks to leave a legacy of his own in Western New York.

By day, Crews is the Coordinator for Citizen Participation and Information in the Mayor's Division of Citizen Services. His role is to promote civic engagement between City of Buffalo residents and local government. 

In his time there, Crews has worked with block club and community leaders in helping to address their quality of life concerns. He manages the Urban Fellows Internship Program for area college students, coordinates many of the Mayor's events in City Hall, and, after a short hiatus, recently reintroduced the Mayor's Citizen's Participation Academy for City of Buffalo residents. 

Outside of City Hall, Crews wears many hats. He serves as the Treasurer and founding member for the Buffalo Urban League Young Professionals, an auxiliary of the Buffalo Urban League, where, along with his fellow board members, were able to garner national attention for the group by being recognized as Outstanding Rookie Chapter of the Year within the first year of its launch. Crews is also the Founder of Capital Change, an organization dedicated to young professionals that promotes civic engagement and philanthropy through fundraising.

"What I am most proud of thus far was being able to overcome adversity and sharing my story in a way that helps others who have been through or who are currently going through any level of hardship," says Crews.

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