The man cave is the safe haven to let all the ish from the work week go out the window. They say men never grow up. Hmm… Possibly true. We always have a kid inside of us. The man cave is not only a place of serenity, but a grown man’s playground.
Samsung S5 vs iPhone 6
Apple and Samsung are continuing to shake the mobile phone industry with new models and exceptional features. The latest releases are the iPhone 6s and Samsung Galaxy S5, which have both been received well in the market. Here are some of their exemplary features. 
Running a business has never been an easy task and increased market competition does not help the situation that much either. However, technology has jumped in to rescue the busy modern day businessman and the world of mobile devices has moved along with it.
Rapper Nas took a pause from celebrating the 20th anniversary of his first album Illmatic to make a power move with some heavy hitters in the technology industry.
Talib Morgan the founder and CEO of Actuan Global
When asked how he started in marketing, Talib Morgan laughs and says, “Love took me there.” Though at the time, the relationship he had in mind did not involve digital marketing technologies. Nonetheless, he has managed to establish quite the romance career-wise.
Justin Dawkins is the CEO and Principal of Inflex Digital. Dawkins co-founded the Atlanta marketing consultancy agency to fill the gaps between the marketing and technology teams.
NuraCode is an Atlanta software development agency. Iziah Reid and Justin Dawkins founded the company on the principle that talent speaks volumes and risen above any of the peripherals. A brother with dreads and sneakers can code just as well as a guy in a polo shirt and khakis.
Surface Pro 3
We've seen the comercials. The Surface Pro 3 attempting to dwarf the MacBook Air and iPad. Microsoft touting its prowess, and puffing its chest to make a claim that they're the best tablet-laptop combo in town.
Makerbot Replicator 2
Makers: The New Industrial Revolution by Wired's magazine Editor in Chief Chris Anderson takes you into the new age of do-it-yourself digital fabrication. In the late 18th century, the first industrial revolution came to pass with textile factories.