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Karl Carter is the CEO of GTM and Snake Nation. GTM is a brand entertainment company that integrates brands with culture.  The company started with doing party promotions in college. Soon the company grew to promote other brands as well. In 2010, GTM created the Master of the Mix, a DJ competition reality show airing on a BET and Vh1 for three seasons that generated millions of views and over 500 million PR impressions introducing targeted audiences to the art of DJing and the sponsored brand Smirnoff.

With over 20 years of experience, an entrepreneurial spirit and a penchant for innovation, Karl is considered to be an expert marketer. Identifying the need of a targeted culture is the skill that helps Karl to lead a team of creators, producers, strategists, promoters and project managers. Due to his marketing background Karl continues to grow and create profitable brands.

“Faith is number one. It’s a journey that keeps changing. You have to have faith and say, ‘I’m going to roll with Your journey.’ I’m going to go where You guide me to go, and I’m going bring my energy along with it” Says Carter.

GTM is evolving its model to go deeper into Branded Entertainment. As a first step towards this path, GTM is launching Snake Nation, a Multi Platform Network, content production studio and co work space. This new venture builds on their expertise as marketers to the millennial and multicultural audience and producers of branded entertainment.  Currently, Snake Nation is home to companies in content, digital, fashion, music, real estate and branding. The site officially launches at the end of August.   

"We call it Snake Nation, in honor of the historically rebellious neighborhood we call home in Atlanta. We help provide incubation and development to creative rebels, digital & film creators, entrepreneurs, content to an underserved millennial market and marketing services to brands looking to reach this highly valuable global audience.  Our mission is to help provide more creative and financial control to creators, impact the negative portrayal of multicultural audiences and help create more effective communications for brands." 

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