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HBO’s “Witness” documents the documenters in the most dangerous cities. The four part series follows combat photojournalist in combat zones of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico; Libya; South Sudan; and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Oxymoronic as it sounds, there’s a certain artistic beauty in the imagery of war and suffering.

In the Ciudad Juarez, Mexico episode, Eros Hoagland captures the gruesome drug warfare between the Mexican cartels that’s responsible for over 19,000 dead Mexicans. Equipped with Canon EOS SLR cameras and body armor, Eros rides along with the policia and chronicles drug raids, shootings, and the dire lives of Mexicans. As Eros explains the job of a photojournalist, “I’m not there to tell you what’s happening. I’m there to show you what I saw. What happened to me, and you can come upon your own conclusion”.

HBO’s “Witness” premiers Monday, November 12 at 9pm.

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