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Martinez Sellers is the program director for First Fathers, Inc. First Fathers, Inc is a non-profit organization that works with first-time fathers to provide support and resources they need to be prepared for fatherhood. With most non-profit organizations for parenthood, the target audience is women. First Fathers fills the void with support for men to curb the anxiety and prepare fathers towards fatherhood.

"Hopefully the goal will be that other fathers help mentor the newer younger fathers. Each one reach one. Each one teach one. Leave no one behind" says Sellers.

Sellers is a proud father of two and his goal is to create a legacy of love. Seeing both his daughter and son become great parents would be a joyous accomplishment. He understands the significance of pouring love into a child’s life and to see his children do the same with their children would make Sellers feel that he’s done his job as a father. 

“It’s more than just saying I have a child but it’s being actively present in your child’s life” Sellers says.

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