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William Floyd is the owner of Royal Flush Studios and Pop Culture Clothing. Floyd is a jack of all arts – painter, fashion designer, graphic designer and photographer. Among all those titles, the most important title is father.

"My family has definitely been the rock to everything I’ve ever accomplished"

Growing up he was raised by his uncle, who showed him family values. "My biological father wasn't there, but it was a blessing to have my uncle fill that void for me", says Floyd.

Floyd is a father of a five year old son. When his son was born, Floyd reminisces on the bonding moments with his newborn son, and being there to make him feel comfortable. With a newborn, there is a mixture of anxiety and joy. Floyd would often wake up in the middle of the night just to check and ensure his son was safe. 

"Fatherhood is a beautiful thing."

Fatherhood is important to help young men navigate the various distractions and variables that pull black men into different directions. "Being a role model or any type of voice for black youth is very important. That support gives them hope, guidance, and leadership. Telling them 'Hey you can do this, and accomplish different things'", says Floyd.

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