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Ed Rice is the Executive Director of First Fathers, Inc. First Fathers, Inc. is a non-profit organization that works with first-time fathers to provide support and resources they need to be prepared for fatherhood.

“We want to make sure that men have opportunities to be dads and be active in their children’s lives.”

The genesis of First Fathers, Inc. was the result of a doctor’s visit with his wife. As the visit concluded, his wife received a basket full of books and materials to help her through the pregnancy and motherhood. However, there were no materials for Rice, a future father.

“I was like. I don’t get one of those”, jokes Rice. “Talking to other dads and new fathers, they were in the same boat. So, I was thinking. Wow. This is a service that really needs to happen.”

Rice is a father of a young girl. He’s learning that children teach parents that they don’t know everything. As the child grows, fathers grow and mature with them. With children watching and emulating their parent’s personalities and traits, parents see the direct reflection of themselves.

“They really help you become introspective. Children are always watching. Even when you don’t think they’re watching, they’re watching. When they start repeating things – good, bad, or otherwise, you see yourself”, says Rice. 

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