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On an early morning in October, Wilson was visiting a friend at an apartment complex. While in park and trying to locate his friends apartment, a car pulls behind and blocks his path way.

A man mistaken Wilson as someone who is having infidelity with his wife. After some indiscriminate yelling through the window, shots fire. One bullet shattering Wilson leg, others hitting leg, neck and abdomen.

Wilson leaned on his family to recover. Watching the strength in wife, daughter and son helps him tap into a reserve tank of strength. Wilson had to re-learn how to write, walk and talk. Doctors are mesmerized by his recovery thus far.

“This taught me as a father that you have more strength than you ever know. You’ll be able to call upon it when you need it”.

Men and fathers are somewhat synonymous to strength, control or power. Losing your physical strength can teach how to harness other strengths you did not know you had.

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