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Browning’s parents divorced when he was seven years old. The contention relationship between the parents caused distance between Browning and his father. The distance turned into anger.

The anger changed when his father discussed the situation to him. In fact, his father wasn’t abandoning him, and always wanted to be in his son’s life. This reignited their relationship, and they had a bond through sports.

Browning’s father had a tough upbringing, and didn’t show affection. The first time Browning father said “I love you” was toward his father’s last days of his life.

“With my kids I always tell them I love them,” says Browning.

This year, Browning coached his son’s Baseball team. With the first game, Browning was emotional. This brought memories of Browning and his father. His father always coached him, and it was dope to do the same with his son.

“It’s like wow. The tradition continues.”

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