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Kenneth Braswell almost gave up on life. The burdens of life pressed him to a very low place. He was losing his business. He was losing friends due a complicated relationship with a girlfriend. Also, going through custody and child support issues in court.

He was tired of life. However, he did one last thing. He prayed.

“I asked God to give me something worthy to get off the couch, because if You don’t, I won’t do it.”

God spoke to him, and said “Speak to the hearts of men.”

A 15 page prospectus on Fathers Incorporated was birth several hours later. The company was initially set up to help men with child support, court and custody issues. As he began to help more men, he realized those were symptoms of the larger issues.

The men don’t have adequate jobs, adequate education, adequate housing, or incarcerated backgrounds. So, Fathers Incorporated grew into a capacity building and professional development agency.

Five years ago, Fathers Incorporated won the contract to oversee the POTUS’ fatherhood initiate for his entire term.

“For me, Barack Obama will be the only President that will be recognized as a father and husband first before he’s recognized as the President’

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