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Jason Reddick is a father of three. Each of his children serve as a personal journal to his life. Each child was born at different stages of his life.

Reddick had his oldest son very young. This taught Reddick responsibility. For most 20 year olds, they get a deferment on life, and have time to figure out life. His oldest son accelerated Reddick’s maturation process.

Reddick second son was born with a heart defect. At the time, he was recently married, and living in New York. One day, they had to rush their 6 month year old infant to the hospital, and found themselves in surgery hours later.

There was only three doctors in the country that can perform the surgery. Luckily, one of the doctors was in New York. In fact, this specific doctor invented the technique to cure his son.

“I’ve could have been anywhere in the world when we had him, yet we were in New York. Where we should be. This teaches you Miracles do exist.”

His youngest son is an exact replica of himself, and teaches Reddick patients. The family has nicknamed his son the habitual line-crosser.

“It’s literally watching myself grow up.”

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