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Before there was Furious Styles, there was James Johnson.

Dr. Jamar Jeffers’ father was a hard working single father, who worked for General Motors for over 30 years. His father is a blue collar guy that exemplified masculinity and toughness.

“My dad was my barber, my coach, my cook, the disciplinarian, and the money man.”

Growing up in Wilmington, Delware many of Jeffers friends had single mothers. As a result, Jeffers’ father became the neighborhood dad. Jeffers’ would often come home from the park, and find other kids chilling with his dad.

“He was this very strong reference to manhood.”

Two years ago Jeffers was severely ill in the hospital. He was in the hospital for five days, and didn’t call anyone to tell them he was in the hospital. Once he realized he was going to recover, he called his dad first. His father immediately flew to Atlanta to be by his side.

“That meant a lot to me. It was that fine balance of toughness. Also giving you that tender love and care from a man's standpoint.”

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