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Ant Marshall is a father of three young boys. At times, the life as a parent can play out as an epic movie. The chaos of the mornings are like horror movies, and make you want to ‘Scream’. Simple affection from the boys is your love movie. When boys are boys, and run into the street, it’s a ‘Die Hard’ action movie.

“At any point, I can turn the channel in my life, and see this movie playing out in front me.”

Marshall was raised by a single mother. With no consistent fatherly point of reference, he is figuring out fatherhood as he goes along.

However, what fatherhood provided is clarity. There is clarity creatively. There is clarity on purpose. There is clarity on importance.

“Having a wife that’s going to hold you accountable is an awesome and amazing thing. Then having children that allow you to see the fruits of your labor puts everything in focus."

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