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Lorenzo Williams is a father of two. He has an interesting back story.

He was raised by a single mother for years. His father attempted numerous times to connect and be a part of his life. Williams refused. He built up a great deal of resentment.

His resentment was unfounded.

In fact, his mother often encouraged him to connect with his father. She would explain that she stood up his father at the wedding, and his father was a good man. Williams felt the story wasn’t true.

One day his father came to visit. Williams and his father talked, and he explained the same exact story his mother told him over the years. Williams was shocked.

“Then I felt bad. Because all this time, he did want to be a part of my life, and I didn’t believe it.” William continues, “Grudges don’t do you no good when you have someone that loves you.”

So, they began to develop a relationship that goes beyond years. They traveled with each other. They became good friends. His father became is confidant too.

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