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Al’din Jackson is the father of three. He has a son and twin girls. His biggest principle is being present, which leads to being an example of mental, emotional, and physical toughness.

“Being there is huge. Be that voice to say don’t go left, go right.”

Jackson was the first born grandson out of 36 grandchildren. His family relied on him to be tough. He needed to be tough not only for him but for his siblings and cousins.

“It was definitely a village for me.”

Jackson did not know his father. However, he had a step-father. He was great, but also from the streets. Jackson saw the good and bad in him. The bad helps to know what not to do. He combined his step-father and examples from coaches and mentors to formulate the definition of fatherhood.

“Fatherhood is ever evolving. It changes day-to-day, but at the same time there’s a constant to it. Sometimes it’s ABC. Other times you get that zig-zag, and you got to figure it out.”

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