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Donald Beamer is having fun raising his 2 year old daughter. Growing up Beamer has always modeled the man and father he wanted to be from his own father.

Beamer’s dad exemplified manhood and fatherhood in such an inspiring way that Beamer makes sure to use it in his own life.

“I just inspired to be like him. The way he treated my mom, the way he treated my sisters, all of that is an example for me and my daughter. I want her to feel the same way when she's being courted and dating that's how a man should treat her”

Although Beamers daughter is only 2 years old. He is looking at the future even talking with his own parents trying to figure out how to prepare his daughter for the ugliness and injustices in this world.

“There's this conversation that I'm trying to decide when and how I should have it with her about being "different" because it's a sad truth that we have to work a little bit harder than some others to be afforded the same opportunities and achieve the same success.”

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